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Calandev makes possible innumerable opportunities for land development and investment professionals as well as opportunities for individuals and businesses in the building and related real estate fields.

Calandev can be an invaluable resource for any of the following professionals:

  • Real Estate Developers
    Developers can take advantage of the large inventory of land held by Calandev, or can dispose or exchange some of their holdings with ours. We continue to look for and add property to our own portfolio, while retaining the flexibility to make deals on these properties if another developer can make better use of them. Calandev is always open to creative arrangements of mutual benefit.

  • Real Estate Brokers
    Calandev acts as a principal in many transactions. We encourage real estate brokers to contact us with their listings, or if they have knowledge to share about properties available in the marketplace. Calandev will pay full commissions to a procuring broker who assists in our acquisition of property.

  • Real Estate Builders
    Calandev maintains a large inventory of properties and we sell these from time to time to builders, or enter into other cooperative arrangements with builders.

  • Real Estate Investors
    Calandev may enter into syndication with investors on certain unique or special projects. Such syndication may be suitable for sophisticated investors seeking a solid return on their investments. As our portfolio is constantly changing, please contact us to ask about available projects and investments.

  • Related Land Development Industries
    Engineers, architects, and other consultants are encouraged to provide Calandev with information about their areas and scope of expertise. At any one time, we have numerous projects ongoing in different geographic locales. Thus, Calandev has a constant need for a diverse group of top notch professionals. Send us your detailed qualifications and we will be happy to contact you if you appear to be the right professional for one of our projects.

  • If you are a Real Estate Professional, you are invited to thoroughly explore the Calandev Web site, especially the Projects page to learn more about possible land development projects currently under development. You are also invited to contact Calandev directly via the Contact page (or email us) to discuss mutually beneficial business possibilities.

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